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Providing Quality Gamma Probes for Rent

Gamma Probe Rentals: Your Solution For Sentinel Node Biopsies

At Gamma Probe Rental, we provide the most advanced gamma probes on the market to locate the Sentinel Lymph Nodes. Save on capital expenditures and increase the efficiency of your team with our flexible rental options.

Why purchase and use capital when we can take care of all your gamma probe needs? We offer the best gamma probes on the market for rent. Choose from a variety of rental plans including per case, per week, or per month, to best suit your facility's needs.


Breast Cancer

Parathyroid Surgeries

Iodine 125 Seed localization

Onsite Clinical Representative for Expert Support

Support is provided by an onsite clinical representative. Our experienced clinical representatives will operate the gamma probe on-site, allowing your staff to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

For added convenience, we can also send the probe directly to your hospital or surgery center. Rest assured, phone support is always readily available.

Contact us today to discuss how Gamma Probe Rental can enhance your facility's sentinel node biopsy services.